Check Cashing

Convenient Check Cashing Services

We'll Cash Your Checks Fast

In addition to affordable storage units and U-Haul truck and trailer rentals, Merrill Self Storage offers fast and easy check cashing services. Whether you have a personal check or a payday check, we'll get your money quickly, so that you can go about your day. Furthermore, we want our customers to know that we follow a "No loans" policy, so that everything is clear during the process.

Get Your Cash and Be on Your Way

No one wants to wait around all day and you'll never have to when you visit us for your check cashing needs. With our fast and easy process, you'll get your money quickly so that you can pay bills, buy groceries, fill up on gas, and more.

Our Friendly Staff is Here to Help You

If you have questions about our check cashing process or any of the other services and products we offer, just ask any of our associates for help. We're committed to making things easy for you. Call us at 870-251-5050 today!

Find the Perfect Storage Unit for Your Needs

Whether you're running out of room at your home or need a place to store your things while you get settled, we have a variety of storage options to fit your needs, including climate-controlled units. Visit or call us today to learn more.

Why Choose Us for Check Cashing?

If you're a fan of convenience, you'll love cashing your checks with us. Unlike some banks, we don't have long lines and complicated procedures. Simply bring us your check and walk out with cash.
Don't have a checking account? Banks might insist that you have one, but we won't. If you need your check cashed fast so that you can pay your bills, visit us today.
Get fast and secure check cashing services. Visit us at 1009 Batesville Blvd.
With us, you'll receive fast services, low prices, and quality customer service.
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